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Teak Colonial Furniture

IndoteakFurniture.com is dedicated to providing our customers with the best service possible. We will continue to strive to make IndoteakFurniture your first choice for the finest teak garden furniture  and colonial indoor furniture products.

We offer the high quality of teak indoor furniture from direct manufacturer in Indonesia.

We make reliability become one of our highest goals. Not only a failed product we would replace, but they are also very frustrating and give bad reputation for us, which is even more costly than the product replacement. Strict quality control is one of the biggest things we can do so it make sure our entire product have the highest quality and not defective.

We offer you a very competitive price, without sacrificing quality. Special offer for high order and long-term customers. We can get competitive pricing by sourcing top quality teak at reasonable prices. Overall, Our lower cost production makes it possible to operate for less than other manufacturers.

If you need explanation for our products, or you have custom design, according the market appetite in your country, Please send your inquiry to us, and we will quickly serve you, because customer is king for us.

We are committed to making sure you are satisfied with your purchase. If you found problems with our product, let we know and we will do our best to solve the problem.

Our customers have come to expect fast deliveries and that is just what we do. We deliver all purchased item for 4 – 6 week.

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