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Lenong Lounge Deep Seating Bench

High quality teak deep seating garden furniture made in by Indoteakfurniture.com Lenong Lounge Deep Seating Bench sometimes referred to as a sofa garden deep seating strong bench, because of its gently durable design features big seat for added style and comfort. Modestly sized to suit any garden space, this teak sofa bench offers plenty of options for you and your guests during summer gatherings and is sure to leave a lasting impression.



This teak lenong deep seating bench will be delivered fully assembled for your immediate enjoyment.
All our wooden teak furniture is audited and issued with a SVLK certificate certifying that the teak has been legally harvested and that the furniture can be sold and marketed in any EU country.

The EU Timber Regulations (EUTR) 995/2010 prohibit the placing of illegally harvested and produced timber and timber-based products onto the European Markets.
Our company Cv. Indoteak Sukses Makmur is manufacturer and producer of teak garden furniture and we always used legal wood from Indonesia.


Teak Deep Seating Garden Furniture Manufacturer Indonesia
Teak Deep Seating Patio Furniture Sets. Indonesian Furniture Manufacturer

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